Troubled Japanese man attempts suicide after Taiwanese idol's final performance

A 48 year old man, obsessed with Taiwanese idol 'Dora' tried to commit hara-kiri style suicide after her final performance on March 31

Image from ET Today video, and Dora's FB page

Image from ET Today video, and Dora's FB page

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A 48 year old Japanese man, obsessed with a Taiwanese idol, attempted suicide in public around the Nankang Software Park in Taipei on March 31.

Police were alerted to the scene on Saturday afternoon at 2:24 p.m., where the 48 year old man had stabbed himself in the abdomen after becoming despondent, in what appears to have been attempted hari-kiri style suicide.

He was rushed to the Tri-Service General Hospital, where he was treated for the non-life threatening stab wound.

When asked why the man attempted to commit suicide, he replied in simple English to police officers, saying that he was depressed because his favorite Taiwanese idol, Zhou Yingxin (周盈欣), also known as Dora, would no longer be performing or uploading online content.

This was also the reason why the man was visiting Taiwan. After he found out Dora would be ending her career as an idol, he decided he had to see Dora perform live in person one last time.

Dora performed as part of a promotional trade show event at Nankang Software Park yesterday afternoon, and the two even exchanged a few words, reports CNA.

After the performance, the man felt extremely depressed at the thought that he would never see Dora perform again. He then acquired a fruit knife and attempted to kill himself on the spot.

Fortunately, others were nearby and intervened. The wound was reportedly minor.

The situation is being handled by the Japan Taiwan Exchange Association. A video and clearer photos of the incident are available at UDN.

Dora's good bye message before her final performance (Image from Facebook)