Taiwan's EVA Air posts prank airplane design for April Fools'

EVA Air confuses Facebook users with pet-friendly aircraft horseplay on April Fools'

EVA Air contributes to global hijinx on April Fools' Day.

EVA Air contributes to global hijinx on April Fools' Day. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In the spirit of April Fool's, EVA Air posted a photo of a pet-friendly redesign of an EVA Air airplanes, the EVAnimalAIR, on their Facebook page this morning.

EVA's pet-friendly plane would be the first of its kind. Inside of the aircraft, pets would be free to roam, scratch, play, and nest to their heart's content. Pets and pet owners would be seated separately inside the cabin, said EVA.

(Image from EVA Air Facebook)

Cabin crews would be specially trained on how to accommodate furry friends in the sky, specializing in animal communication, grooming, and animal rescue.

(Image from EVA Air Facebook)

The body of the aircraft would be dotted with cute photos of animals to distinguish the EVAnimalAIR from regular flights.

(Image from EVA Air Facebook)

The Facebook post was met with mixed reactions. Some users found the concept hilarious and a successful April Fool's jest, while others found no amusement or misunderstood entirely that the post was a joke.