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Taiwanese-American presidential contender supports status quo with China

Andrew Yang registered to run as a Democrat in 2020

Taiwanese-American U.S. presidential contender Andrew Yang (image from his website

Taiwanese-American U.S. presidential contender Andrew Yang (image from his website

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The first Taiwanese-American to run for president of the United States, Andrew Yang (楊安澤), says that if he is elected, he will maintain the status quo in relations with Taiwan and China.

Both of his parents moved from Taiwan to California to study and married there before moving to New York State, where their son was born. Yang, 43, filed documents with the Federal Election Commission last November to prepare for a presidential election bid as a Democrat in 2020.

Interviewed by the Voice of America, Yang said that if he were elected, he would continue existing U.S. policies toward Taiwan and on Taiwan-China relations.

Maintaining the status quo would be the most beneficial to both Taiwan and China, and because of the size of bilateral trade, both have almost become an economic entity, he reportedly said.

Yang also described relations between the U.S. and China as the “most important bilateral relationship in the world,” the Chinese-language Apple Daily reported.

The prospective candidate said his Asian and Taiwanese background would help him raise enthusiasm with Asian-American voters, but there were not enough of them to hand him victory.

He founded and worked with startups over the past two decades, and his campaign is focused on “Humanity First,” including the promise of a US$1,000-a-month universal basic income as a response to growing automation and job losses.

Updated : 2021-12-05 12:27 GMT+08:00