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Ministry of Science and Tech. releases list of '10 coolest Taiwan Startups for 2017'

Ten companies, with a strong focus on AI and IoT, represent industries MOST is keen to help develop in Taiwan

Dep. Minister of MOST, Yu-Chin Hsu, reveals Taiwan's 10 coolest tech start-ups (Image from FB video by TechOrange)

Dep. Minister of MOST, Yu-Chin Hsu, reveals Taiwan's 10 coolest tech start-ups (Image from FB video by TechOrange)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On March 31, Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) released a list of the ten coolest and most promising startups in Taiwan of the last year.

The Ministry’s selection committee of 22 members made a careful review of 122 start-ups that received assistant fund from MOST last year, to determine the which companies made the list.

Among the 10 companies that made the 2017 list, half of them are involved with developing artificial intelligence applications and related technology.

According to RTI, the Taiwanese government provided an estimated US$608 million to help start-up tech firms last year, to help energize key industries, and to promote Taiwan on the international stage, to encourage further investment.

The ten companies that made the list of “Ten coolest Taiwanese Start-ups in 2017’ are:

1. Appier (沛星互動科技): Developing AI platforms for business solutions.
2. CloudMile Ltd.(萬里雲互聯): Consulting services using big data analysis and machine learning.
3. Gogoro (睿能創意): Company manufacturing battery powered scooters.
4. Health2Sync (智抗糖): Biomedical tech company, developed an app for diabetes sufferers.
5. iStaging (愛實境): Company pursuing augmented reality tech., and digitizing physical spaces into 3D models
6. JARVISH (酷設工坊): Developing intelligent helmet systems for safer efficient transportation
7. Maisense Inc. (美盛醫電): Medical startup developing compact technology to monitor bodily systems
8. MoBagel Inc. (行動貝果): Using automated predictive analytics, to convert enterprise data into business value.
9. Umbo CV (盾心科技): Developing neural network based AI programs with applications in online and offline surveillance.
10. Viscovery (創意引晴): Developing intelligent video and image recognition systems for deep learning and computer vision technology.

­With five companies involved in AI, two researching applications related to IoT, one pursing AR /VR, and another developing green transportation technology, these ten companies are a good representation of the areas that MOST hopes to develop over the coming years, so that Taiwanese companies will be better able to bring their talent to compete on the international market.