Taiwan Railways unveils new backpacks ahead of Children's Day

Limited edition Puyuma Express train backpacks and 'Hello Kitty' conductor products are available from April 1

(Image from TRA)

(Image from TRA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – With Children’s Day fast approaching on April 4, the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) has created two new special children’s backpacks that will go on sale on April 1.

The first design is inspired by the red and white Puyuma Express train that runs along the East Coast of Taiwan. The second type is a clear plastic backpack featuring the popular “Hello Kitty” children’s character dressed as a TRA train conductor, in promotion of the Hello Kitty train running on the Puyuma line.

In addition to the backpacks, various products like folders, crayons, color pencils, a water bottle and a conductor cap with Hello Kitty, will also be available. A new wind up Puyuma toy train with a raccoon rider will also go on sale in April.

The limited edition backpacks will only be on sale until the end of April. Items are available for purchase at souvenir stands of major train stations throughout the country.

Puyuma Express Train backpack (Image from TRA)