Taiwan rights activist Lee Ming-che's wife says he is being denied correspondence rights by China

Lee Ching-yu returned to Taipei on Wednesday


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The wife of Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che (李明哲) jailed in China returned to Taipei on Wednesday, March 28, after visiting her husband at the Chishan prison in Hunan for the first time since his trial late last year.

She spoke to reporters outside the airport and said her husband was being denied "basic correspondence rights" in the country.

"Lee Ming-che's health in prison seems fine from his appearance, but it's very obvious he is still denied right of speech and basic correspondence rights," she told reporters who waited for her at the airport.

"He is not allowed to write letters to me. Even though he said the reason behind that is he has very busy working hours in the prison," she continued.

She also mentioned how the Chinese authorities had only passed on two out of the eleven books she had sent him.

"Every word they(prisoners) speak, every expression they show will be recorded in writing by the prison staff," she said.

Lee Ching-yu (李淨瑜) had her mainland travel permit canceled last April as she searched for her missing husband and was later granted a single-entry visa to attend her husband's trial and sentencing.

In January she was barred from boarding a flight while she was on her way to visit Lee.

Lee Ming-che was detained by Chinese authorities in March 2017 after Lee entered China through Macau. He was arrested under the suspicion of harming China's national security and was accused of using social media as a medium to promote Taiwanese democracy and the idea of Taiwan Independence to at least 100 people in China.

Lee is currently serving a five-year term at the Hunan jail for subversion of state power while participating in political lectures that promoted democracy.