Daredevils take extreme photo on top of New Taipei Bridge

Extreme photo of three rooftoppers on apex of 136-meter New Taipei Bridge goes viral

Daredevils on top of bridge.(Photo from instagram user @hh1997ss)

Daredevils on top of bridge.(Photo from instagram user @hh1997ss)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An extreme photo of three daredevils taking a stunt photo on top of the 135.75-meter New Taipei Bridge has gone viral.

On March 7, a Taiwanese man identified by Apple Daily as Lee Han-sheng (李翰昇), a junior appropriately majoring in the Department of Acrobatics at the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, posted a photo on Instagram of himself and two other men standing on the top column of the 135.75 meter New Taipei Bridge in the city's Sanchong District. In the photo, likely taken by a drone, the three men are seen precariously standing on the extremely narrow apex of the column, which is only about 50 centimeters in width, with no safety gear preventing them from what would be an about 40 story fall to their deaths, if they lost their footing.

The image has gained over 1,800 likes on Lee's Instagram account @hh1997ss and has drawn both praise and criticism. "Rooftopping" is the climbing of extremely tall structures for an adrenaline rush and to increase social media exposure.

The photo comes just four months after a Chinese rooftopper, 26-year-old Wu Yongning, fell to his death from the 62-story Huayuan Centre in Hunan on Nov. 8 while doing pull-ups on the edge of the building.

New Taipei Bridge. (Photo by Instagram user @hh1997ss)

Lee has posted a number of other extreme photos on his Instagram account in various precarious positions on skyscrapers and other structures in both Taiwan and China. Lee is also a street performer and on his Facebook page can be seen demonstrating his acrobatic skills in Japan and practicing maneuvers indoors.

Lee perched on ledge overlooking Taipei 101. (Photo by Instagram user @hh1997ss)

Many netizens posted words of praise on his Instagram page, saying things like "this is wild," "too fierce," "too tough," "looks awesome." However others reminded him: "Wild view from a different angle, powerful, but safety first bro."

Lee on another ledge with Taipei 101 in the background. (Photo by Instagram user @hh1997ss)

Sanchong police said that they will investigate the motives of the three men and called on the public to not engage in this type of dangerous behavior so as to not waste social resources.

Lee straddling shipping containers. (Photo by Instagram user @hh1997ss)

Lee in Beijing with CCTV headquarters' "big pants" building in background. (Photo by Instagram user @hh1997ss)