Taipei seeks to establish a global organization of Smart Cities

“Taipei is willing, wishes, and wants to be the hub of Smart City solution providers,” says the deputy Taipei mayor


Representatives show their signature, symbolizing participation in Taipei City Government's Go Smart initiative (Screen capture of Charles Lin's Faceb

TAIPEI (Taipei News) — Representatives from 27 cities or regions around the world, Taiwan’s key innovative industries, and the country’s five other special municipalities joined the Taipei City Government Wednesday to sign an initiative intended to facilitate cooperation between governments and industries and promote Smart City strategies.

At a ceremony held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Deputy Taipei Mayor Charles Lin (林欽榮) said the goal of the initiative would be to create a global organization of Smart Cities, titled Go Smart, next year.

“Taipei is willing, wishes, and wants to be the hub of Smart City solution providers,” said Lin.

Lin said many cities had now recognized the importance of Smart City strategies. Yet the Smart City was not solely about technology, but more importantly it was about how technology could be used to overcome cities’ challenges or bring out cities’ development, continued Lin.

In terms of the Go Smart organization, Lin said Taipei would establish a secretariat and provide a platform for governments, institutions, and citizens to participate in making cities smarter.

The initiative for establishing a global organization reflects the ambition of the Taipei City Government to integrate resources from the country’s technology industries and start-ups and to become a key player in global competition for urban development strategies.

Lin added Taipei would also provide venues where smart or innovative projects can experiment their proof of concepts, naming examples such as housing management and navigation applications produced by the private sector that were being tested in public housing projects and the train station.

According to the Taipei City Government, the Go Smart organization will be officially established one year later. Its main tasks will include holding annual councils or regular conferences on how technology could provide solutions to urban issues, establishing international awards to encourage smart ideas for urban development, and promoting data sharing and exchanges among signatory cities.