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Microsoft Taiwan and research institute host workshop on AI and cyber security

The 'Microsoft-III AI Cybersecurity Brainstorming Workshop' was held in Taipei on March 27

Participants of the Microsoft-III AI Cybersecurity Brainstorming Workshop (Handout image from the Workshop)

Participants of the Microsoft-III AI Cybersecurity Brainstorming Workshop (Handout image from the Workshop)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Microsoft Taiwan along with the Institute for Information Industry (III) and several research institutes and private data security firms joined the “Microsoft-III AI Cyber security Brainstorming Workshop” in Taipei on March 27.

As Taiwan seeks to shape the future of its society to become a model smart society, one major area that must be given attention is the country’s data security. The Cyber security Brainstorming Workshop represents an effort to help shape AI applications as a tool to assist in managing national and private cyber security.

Participants in the workshop and forum included; Yu Xiaobin(于孝斌), the head of the III; Lin Zongnan (林宗男), head of the Cyber Security Institute; Sun Jikang (孫基康) chief of Microsoft Taiwan; and Michael Montoya, chief of cyber security for Microsoft Asia; along with representative from the Cycarrier group, DEVCORE, iD-Gate and the IX technology group.

Several items discussed at the workshop which are anticipated to be important areas for AI research and development moving forward are; using AI to determine the weaknesses of machine perception capabilities; the ability of AI to analyze the strength of online security systems, and assess the threat of data theft; and applying AI to defend against potential malicious applications of “deep learning.”

Yu Xiaobin noted that Taiwan possesses a lot of companies specializing in AI. This not only increases visibility for projects and investments in the industry, but also puts Taiwan in a unique position with regards to exploring AI security research, and systems, which in the future may be exported and promoted in other countries.

With the rise in the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, governments as well as businesses are more and more considering how AI can be applied to predict and mitigate online security risks and data theft.

The workshop hosted by Microsoft, and similar forums in the future, will offer the latest resources to help companies or governments to investigate the potential of various data security options, and to develop the most efficient systems to protect their data.

As Taiwan aims to be a hub for development of artificial intelligence and related technologies, companies and developers emphasize the need to consider security and data protection as the country moves forward in the digital age.

Updated : 2021-10-16 19:22 GMT+08:00