20th Taipei Film Festival announces Jury Chair

Lou-ye and Liao Ching-song for Jury Chair

Image from Taipei Film Festival

Image from Taipei Film Festival

TAIPEI(Taiwan News)- 2018 Taipei Film Festival announced the jury chairperson for each of its two competitions- Taipei Film Awards and International New Talent Competition.

The jury chair of the Taipei Film Awards will be festival regular Chinese director Lou-ye(婁燁), while the jury of the International New Talent Competition will be headed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s long-time film editor and producer Liao Ching-song(廖慶松).

The Taipei Film Awards is a competition exclusive to Taiwanese filmmakers. All films in the four competition categories of Narrative Features, Documentaries, Short Films, and Animations have a chance to compete for the NT$1 million Grand Prize.

Lou-ye is recognized and celebrated by international film festivals and audiences alike through films such as Summer Palace (頤和園), Spring Fever (春風沉醉的夜晚) and Blind Massage (推拿). He served on the jury of the Taipei Film Festival International New Talent Competition in 2007 and screened Blind Massage at the Festival in 2014.

Lou said that he is delighted and honored to be working for the Taipei Film Festival and he is looking forward to seeing many good movies in Taipei.

The International New Talent Competition, Taiwan’s only international competition for first or second feature films by new directors, has excelled at uncovering and introducing exciting new talents from Taiwan and overseas in recent years.

Also, Liao Ching-song is a long-term collaborator of renowned Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien(侯孝賢). Liao feels that every director has their style. The directors of Taiwan New Cinema focused on literature and were full of aspirations and ideals, while new directors after the turn of the millennium tend to emphasize ideology, using subtle tones to depict emotion and self-expression. He is also looking forward to the directors carving out their path.

Filmmakers from both Taiwan and abroad are invited to make their submissions by March 30th.

For more information, kindly visit the official Taipei Film Festival website.