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Taipei Veggie Fest 2018: A party for a good cause

Organizers are planning a festival for Saturday to promote mindful living, vegetarianism, and excellent music in Taiwan!

Taipei Veggie Fest 2018: A party for a good cause

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Many commentators often remark that Taipei (and Taiwan more generally) is an incredible spot for vegetarian dining options, which is thanks in large part to the heavy Buddhist influence in Taiwan’s culture.

This weekend, a few groups in Taipei have organized an event to not only promote excellent healthy vegetarian food, but to also have a good time doing it. Saturday March 24 will be the first ever (hopefully annual) Taipei Veggie Fest!!

The event is being held at the stellar outdoor mountain venue on Tiger Mountain, which itself will allow for reflection on the close relationship that people have with the natural environment, all while enjoying local music and excellent company.

Tiger Mountain, Bull Productions and the World Vegan Organization (世界蔬食組織) have worked together to put together the event. Organizers say they hope the event will contribute to a new kind of revolution in society, not just in eating habits, but also to raise general awareness about earth’s ecosystem, and to cultivate more compassion for animals and all living things.

There will be several excellent food vendors on site including Dino Tacos, Nice Cream gelato, Baby Juice, and Runivore along with various market vendors selling animal friendly and environmentally friendly products.

Live music performances from Radio Rose, The Fairies (Pixies tribute band), Cosmic Inversion. Last Minute Latin Band, and BABA (Abba tribute band) are sure to provide excellent vibes for music lovers of all tastes.

There are also some cooking expos and classes planned for the early afternoon, according to organizers. A guest contingent of Buddhist monks from the nearby community will also be attending the Fest the enjoy the vegetarian inspired day of good food and good cheer.

One of the primary organizers, Sean Scanlan, said “major events should have a cause behind them, and right now one of the most important things people can do is change their consumption habits.”

While most people get stuck in their ways, and find it hard to change, Scanlan and his fellow organizers hope to show people that change can be incremental, and they hope to dispel negative stereotypes about vegetarian cuisine or the vegan lifestyle.

“We are just trying to win people over, and gain broader acceptance. It may take time but I’m confident, we can change the world. First we just want to invite people to have a good time, have a good bite to eat, and maybe they’ll change their perspective, and then encourage more to change as well. Hopefully we can change the world, one party at a time.”Scanlan told Taiwan News.

Anyone who already loves vegetarian food, or is curious to try something new is encouraged to come out and enjoy a day in the nice spring weather.

Do something for your own health, and the health of the planet! And enjoy excellent local music, friendly company, and an awesome outdoor venue while you do it!

The event on Saturday, March 24 starts at 2pm and will go until midnight. Visit the official Taipei Veggie Fest FB page for more info.

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