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Taiwan calls on AirAsia to remove 'Taiwan, China' from website

The term 'Taiwan, China' was added to listings for both Taoyuan and Kaohsiung Airports on AirAsia website

Image captured from AirAsia website

Image captured from AirAsia website

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Malaysian low-cost airline, AirAsia recently listed Taiwan as part of China on their business website, causing dissatisfaction and complaints from both the Taiwanese government and netizens.

On the official website, AirAsia has recently added the term "Taiwan, China" for two of Taiwan's airports in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung, thereby implying that Taiwan is a part of China.

In response to the AirAsia matter, Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) on Wednesday requested an explanation and immediate correction from the airline.

Replying to the CAA's request, AirAsia's representatives said they have reported the issue back to the head office and are willing to comply with local government regulations.

In addition, the CAA said they will seek assistance from the Ministry of Affairs to raise the matter to the Malaysian government, reported CNA.

Earlier this year, two airlines from Germany and Britain which were under pressure of China, made similar name changes in their websites. While British Airways later gave an apology to Taiwanese passengers and retracted the name change, German carrier Lufthansa did not make any changes.