Three Taiwanese women arrested in Japan for smuggling gold in their bras

The trio was caught at Hakodate airport in Nov. last year with 10.5 kilograms of gold hidden inside their bras; they were arrested on Feb. 28

(Image from the Japanese Customs Dept. of Hakodate)

(Image from the Japanese Customs Dept. of Hakodate)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Japanese media outlets have reported that three Taiwanese women have been arrested at the airport in Hakodate, Hokkaido for attempting to illegally smuggle gold into the country.

According to news reports, on March 19 Japanese customs bureau announced that three women from Taiwan were placed in custody and are charged with violating the customs act attempting to smuggle gold inside the pockets of their bras.

The women, two in their late 40s, and one only 20, were caught on Nov. 11, 2017 at Hakodate airport with roughly 10.5 kilograms of gold bullion shaped into bowls and hidden inside their bras.

However, the women were not arrested until Feb. 28, 2018 according to Kyodo News.

Each bowl shaped piece of gold weighed 1.75 kilograms with a diameter of 11 centimeters. The market value of the gold is quoted at approximately US$471,000, reports the Mainichi.

The gold was discovered by a female customs officer who noticed the breasts of the women were extremely hard during her inspection.

The women have all admitted to the charge of smuggling, saying that an acquaintance arranged a meeting with a man who provided the gold and helped the women conceal it. They were expecting to receive a payment of roughly US$ 680 for their part in the smuggling operation.

Reports do not indicate what penalties the women may be facing after their trial in Japan.