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Mayor Ke wishes Baby, Taiwan’s favorite gorilla, bon voyage

Taipei Zoo’s 350lb gorilla, Baby, is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to the Netherlands

Mayor Ko waves goodbye to Baby.

Mayor Ko waves goodbye to Baby. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) bid Taipei’s favorite gorilla, Baby (寶寶), a safe trip this afternoon before Baby’s flight to the Netherlands tomorrow morning.

Baby is relocating to the Apenheul Primate Park in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam. He will replace a male silverback gorilla and then learn how to lead a pack of female gorillas as well as establish a family of his own, reported CNA.

The 33-year-old gorilla came to Taiwan when he was two years old, according to Apple Daily.

Mayor Ke wishes Baby, Taiwan’s favorite gorilla, bon voyage
Baby (寶寶) (CNA Image)

The Taipei Zoo held a farewell party for Baby today in the style of a traditional Taiwanese wedding ceremony. This included wedding sweets (喜糖), double happiness cakes (喜餅), organic dried guava (有機芭樂乾), sackcloth bag (麻布袋), dumbbell (啞鈴), and a backpack (寶寶浪跡天涯小背包).

Guy Wittich, Representative and Head of the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office (NTIO), and Mayor Ke attended the farewell party to wish Baby a pleasant journey.

Mayor Ke jokingly said that he hopes Baby’s children are able to visit Taiwan if they have the chance, and hopes that Baby’s relocation to the Netherlands is an indictation of a better relationship between Taiwan and the Netherlands.

Wittich said that the Primate Park would take good care of baby and that he will personally visit the park next time he is Holland, according to CNA.

Baby’s veterinarian doctor of six years will accompany him to the Netherlands. The doctor will wait with Baby during a one-month quarantine and help him become acclimated to the new environment.

Updated : 2021-05-13 09:18 GMT+08:00