Exhibition in Los Angeles offers a taste of Taiwanese culture and 'food literature'

'Taste Taiwan: Delicacies and Food Literature' is being hosted by the Taiwan Academy of Los Angeles until April 23

(Image from Taiwan Academy of Los Angeles FB page)

(Image from Taiwan Academy of Los Angeles FB page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Foodies in Los Angeles have an excellent opportunity to try some Taiwanese specialty snacks during March and April, and while they are tasting a bit of Taiwanese culture, they can also attend discussions about Taiwan’s food culture and culinary history.

The event entitled “Taste Taiwan: Delicacies and Food Literature” is being hosted by the Taiwan Academy of Los Angeles, an overseas organization of Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture. It began on March 6 and will last until April 23, and entry is free.

The exhibition is far more than just a opportunity to taste test Taiwanese snacks and cuisine. It also provides an educational gallery and a forum for discussion on various aspects of Taiwanese culinary culture.

During the 7 week exhibition, there will be guest speakers, including TV personalities, food writers, and scholars who will come to discuss the intersection of food and literature.

According to the press release there will be presenters and discussions on lots of famous dishes including “Bubble Tea, Railway Bento Box, Ru Rou Fan (Minced Pork Rice), Taiwanese Grilled Sausage, Pop-Rice, and Popiah (Steamed Spring Roll).”

Anyone in California interested in food culture, food literature, or just tempted to try a tasty Taiwanese treat should take advantage of this terrific opportunity.

For more info check out the Facebook page of the Taiwan Academy of Los Angeles.