Happy Birthday! For its 84th birthday, I-Mei Foods is offering a gift to other 84 year olds

I-Mei Foods is inviting seniors born in the same year and month that I-Mei began its business to register for a special birthday gift

(Image from I-Mei Foods)

(Image from I-Mei Foods)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Time sure does fly! After another wonderful year, the internationally recognized I-Mei Foods is fast approaching its 84th birthday on March 30.

Since 2016, I-Mei Foods has held a special birthday celebration to share good cheer with the wider community by inviting seniors born in the same year, and month that I-Mei began its business, to join in a special promotional event.

I-Mei began its business in a small shop located in Taipei’s Dadaocheng (大稻埕) area. Since then, the business has moved several times, and continued to grow and develop. However, I-Mei has always stayed true to its principles, and its commitment to quality.

I-Mei still believes that diligence lies at the heart of the family, the nation, and should also guide people in their care for the environment. I-Mei strives every year to maintain its commitment to diligence, to caring for the environment, the country, the community, as well as the families of the customers that have helped make I-Mei the successful company that it is.

Since 2016, more than twenty seniors with same birthday have taken home valuable I-Mei products every year. This year, the company is inviting those born between March 16, 1934 and April 15, 1934 (in the second lunar month of the year) to come to the stores to receive special gifts in celebration of I-Mei’s birthday, and as a way to say thank you to I-Mei’s customers that have supported the company over the years.

Anyone born on March 30 in 1934 will have the chance to receive an I-Mei gift certificate of NT$ 8,888. Anyone born between March 16 and April 15, 1934, will receive a heart shaped gift box filled with delicious treats.

In order to participate and receive a gift, seniors should register their information first, so that I-Mei can prepare the gift for the celebration. Customers can register by visiting the I-Mei Facebook page (registration must be done in Chinese).