Police in central Taiwan arrest man for marijuana growing operation, seizing 16 plants

An anonymous informant reported the man, who is in his 70s, to the police in Taichung


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –- On March 14, police in Taichung, Taiwan arrested a man, surnamed Lin (林), for growing and selling Marijuana.

The operation was discovered after an informant tipped off police, saying the man was growing the illegal plant. This led the investigators to his home in the northern district of Taichung, where they discovered 16 adult plants.

Investigators determined that Lin, who is in his 70s, had purchased marijuana seeds online and begun growing the plants. Then for the past several years had been selling the plants to other dealer at a price of approximately NT$ 420,000 (US$ 14,400) per kilogram, according to CNA.

In addition to the plants, growing equipment, and several smoking accessories were also seized by law enforcement officials.

Last week, police in northern Taiwan arrested a young man for growing marijuana in an apartment in New Taipei city.