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Microsoft eagerly cultivating talent for world-class AI R&D center in Taiwan

Microsoft outlined the elite 'MACH' global recruitment program at a job recruitment fair in Taipei, March 14

(Image from Flickr user Mike Mozart)

(Image from Flickr user Mike Mozart)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On March 14, Microsoft held an informational meeting as part of their recruitment fair at the Microsoft corporate campus in Taipei.

In order to develop the AI Research and Development center in Taiwan, Microsoft is promoting their “MACH” global elite recruitment program. Guo Yuting (郭昱廷) explained that Microsoft will be increasing its effort to recruit talented professionals inside and outside Taiwan to join the AI R&D Center in Taipei.

According to Guo and other speakers at the event, Microsoft is aiming to make the Taiwan AI center, a world-class R&D facility and has invested heavily in programs to cultivate talent in smart industries, working directly with businesses and educational training institutes to achieve their ambitious vision of “AI Taiwan.”

A Microsoft spokesperson says that after successfully cooperating with the Taiwanese government to get things started, now the company is turning to the people, looking for support across society to speed up industrial innovation in Taiwan, and to prepare for the role of the AI center.

Wu Peiying (吳姵穎), the deputy director of Business Development at Microsoft Taiwan, who is a graduate of the MACH global elite program, and says that Taiwan’s well developed educational programs in science, technology and mathematics make the country fertile ground for Microsoft to cultivate and recruit talent. That in turn makes the company optimistic moving forward as they lay the foundation for the AI Center.

According to Liberty Times, Microsoft is also providing exchange and training opportunities for graduate students with their internship programs offering “Future Career Experience.” Many of those accepted into the training program will go on to form their own startup companies; there are already 37 such companies in Taiwan, and the Taiwanese government is eager to help support the growth of tech startups.

With the recent announcement from Google that they will also be developing a world-class AI research center in Taiwan, and are seeking to recruit top talent to assist in the project, Taiwan looks set to become a global hub for AI research in the near future.