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Taiwanese concerned about brain drain following China’s 31 Incentives

Younger people more favorably inclined toward China: Global Views Monthly poll

China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman An Fengshan.

China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman An Fengshan. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Following China’s announcement of 31 incentives aimed at Taiwanese citizens, concern is growing on the island about a brain drain, with especially young people attracted to jobs in the communist country, an opinion poll found.

While maintaining its threats of military force and its campaign of diplomatic isolations against Taiwan, President Xi Jinping’s China last month announced a batch of 31 measures due to make the country more attractive to Taiwanese.

According to a poll released by Global Views Monthly (遠見雜誌) Wednesday, the strategy might be working, the English-language Liberty Times reported.

The survey found that especially younger people are gaining a more favorable view of China and would be willing to work there.

Over the past decade, the proportion of people who thought China held a positive attitude toward Taiwan slipped from 39 percent to 30.2 percent, and the proportion of those who held the opposite view surged from 37.9 percent to 42.1 percent, according to the poll.

However, among people between the ages of 18 and 29, once seen as the most fearsome critics of China, those who said Beijing was favorable to Taiwan rose from 35.5 percent to 40.8 percent, while those who saw China as negative to the island fell from 50.8 percent to 39.8 percent.

No other age group held such a favorable view of China, while almost 60 percent also indicated they were willing to go and work there, the Liberty Times reported.

Nevertheless, the largest group of Taiwanese interviewed for the survey, 45.4 percent, still expressed concern that the 31 incentives on the whole would have a negative mpact on the island, while only 27 percent expected positive results.

A total of 71.5 percent feared a renewed brain drain to China, and 68.5 percent were worried about the government’s ability to counter the impact of the 31 incentives, the Liberty Times reported.

The Global Views Monthly poll was conducted March 8-11 and resulted in 1,007 valid samples, with a margin of error of 3.09 percent.

Updated : 2022-05-28 10:26 GMT+08:00