After IDF solo flight, Taiwan's armed forces welcome newest female fighter pilot

Guo Wenjing is now the fourth female fighter pilot in the history of Taiwan's air force

Guo Wenjing (Image from MOND)

Guo Wenjing (Image from MOND)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After a successful solo test flight, announced by the Ministry of National Defense on March 13, the newest female pilot of Taiwan’s IDF fighter jets has been confirmed as meeting the requirements for active service.

With her basic and specialized training complete, and a further 6 months of intensive preparation Guo Wenjing (郭文靜) has confirmed her flight skills to become the newest female fighter pilot serving in Taiwan’s armed forces.

According to UDN, with the addition of Guo Wenjing, Taiwan’s air force now has a total of four female fighter pilots.

Jiang Huiyu (蔣惠宇), Jiang Qinghua (蔣青樺) and Fan Yiling (范宜鈴) have all previously completed flights with the F-16, the Mirage 2000 and the IDF class fighter jets, with Jiang Qinghua and Fan Yiling having completed solo flights in the Mirage fighter aircraft.

The Ministry of National Defense congratulates Guo Wenming, class of 2014, 4th division, as she joins the Air Force 1st Tactical IDF Combat squadron.