Singapore the most livable city for Asian expats, Taipei ranks no. 65

ECA International releases annual surveys on the best environments for expats around the world

(Image from Unsplash user Peter Nguyen)

(Image from Unsplash user Peter Nguyen)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The consulting firm ECA International, which provides services and data related to housing, tax and labor for expatriates across the world has released an annual report on the most livable destinations for Asian expatriates.

Taipei, ranked number 65 on the list, was the highest performing Taiwanese city on the survey of 480 locations around the globe.

This year the top spot went to Singapore, which is attractive for expats in Asia for its convenience, clean environment, access to quality schools and healthcare and for its low crime rate, according to ECA International.

Speaking on Taipei’s performance, Lee Quane, Asia’s Regional Director of ECA International said, “The main issue for any expatriates moving to Taiwan is the heightened risk of natural disaster in the area. This includes phenomena such as earthquakes and typhoons which, although rare, mean that Taiwanese cities are not considered as livable as many other locations in Asia.”

After Singapore, the top 10 cities for Asian expats are dominated by Australian cities and Japanese cities.

Australia is said to be attractive for its well-developed infrastructure and its low levels of crime and pollution. Japanese cities are also highly valued for the same reasons, and all of the Japanese cities surveyed ended up in the top 40 locations for Asian expatriates.

A notable trend on the list is the decline of Chinese cities in terms of livability for Asian expats. The majority of Chinese cities slipped in their ranking, with Beijing falling 10 places from last year’s position to number 134 on the list.