Hong Kong man kills girlfriend, dumps body inside suitcase at Taipei MRT station

Hong Kong man murders girlfriend, stuffs her body inside a suitcase and hides it at Taipei's Zhuwei MRT station

Chen (left), Pan (right). (Photo from Chen's Facebook page)

Chen (left), Pan (right). (Photo from Chen's Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- While on a trip to Taiwan last month, a Hong Kong man has confessed to killing his girlfriend and stuffing her body in a suitcase, which he hid next to a Taipei MRT station, reported Liberty Times.

To celebrate Valentine's Day together, the suspect, 20-year-old Chan Tung-kai (陳同佳) and his girlfriend, 21-year-old Poon Hiu-wing (潘曉穎) traveled to Taiwan on Feb. 13 and had originally booked a return ticket on Feb. 17, according to police. The couple stayed at the Purple Garden Hotel on Nanjing West Road in Taipei's Datong District.

However, on Feb. 17 Chan returned to Hong Kong alone and Poon's father noticed that his daughter had not returned home, nor did she respond to phone calls, so he became suspicious. When Poon's father questioned Chan about her whereabouts, he said, "we had an argument and we went our separate ways," after which he ignored further attempts by her father to contact him.

Feeling helpless, Poon's father contacted Hong Kong police, after which investigators contacted Taipei police to access surveillance camera footage. They discovered that Chan on Feb. 17 had left the Purple Garden Hotel suspiciously struggling to drag a large, pink suitcase.

Yesterday at 6 p.m., Hong Kong police questioned Chan again and managed to obtain a confession that he indeed murdered Poon and had stuffed her dead body inside a suitcase, which he said he placed in a meadow outside the Zhuwei MRT station in Taipei.

After a police investigation, it was revealed that on Feb. 17 at 11:22 a.m., Chan had taken his luggage to the lobby of the hotel and then exited the building dragging only the pink suitcase. He did not return to the Purple Garden Hotel until 6:28 p.m. and at that time he longer had the pink suitcase in his possession.

Now that Taipei police have received the report from their Hong Kong counterparts, they have begun a search around the Zhuwei MRT station in an attempt to locate the suitcase and confirm the details of his confession.

(Google Maps image of Purple Garden Hotel)

Possible route Chan took from Purple Garden Hotel to Zhuwei MRT station. (Google Maps)

Zhuwei MRT station. (Wikimedia Commons)