Taiwan police officer helps Filipino sisters swiftly retrieve missing camera

Zhuwei police officer with excellent English ability found the missing camera in about one hour



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A pair of tourists gained back their missing camera in one hour thanks to a local police station in Northern Taiwan, reported Chinese-language newspaper Apple Daily.

The two are sisters from the Philippines, Mona Liza Aboujafari, 23 years old and Vanessa Aboujafari, 20. Last Wednesday, they paid a visit to Tianyuan Palace in New Taipei City to admire the cherry blossoms.

On the way back from a bus, when the two decided to take some photos, they realized that their camera had been missing and immediately asked the bus driver for help. Due to his lack of English skills, he took them to the nearby local police station in Zhuwei, Tamsui District, for assistance.

At the police station, the two sisters appeared to be frustrated so police officer Wu Cheng-wei (吳政緯), who studied abroad in Canada and Hawaii, rapidly communicated in English in order to put the two at ease. He then asked for detailed information about their trip, time and itinerary. After one hour of searching, he finally found the missing camera at Tamsui bus station and gave it back to the sisters.

The two excitedly kept on saying thank you to officer Wu and said: "We will visit Tamsui again!”

A few days ago, a Taiwanese police officer helped a French couple locate their lost phone with hundreds of honeymoon photos, which had been left in the back of a taxi.

Only a week earlier, police officers in Taichung were also credited with returning a South Korean tourist's phone, which was also left accidentally behind in a taxi. The retrieval and return of his iPhone took only five minutes.