Photo of the Day: Chinese reporter rolls eyes at peer's platitudes

Member of China's state-run media rolls her eyes in disgust with peer's prepared question

Reporter on left rolls her eyes. (Screenshot from CCTV 13 video)

Reporter on left rolls her eyes. (Screenshot from CCTV 13 video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- China's carefully orchestrated press briefing for the National Party Congress (NPC) became the butt of jokes online after one of its state-run media reporters become so nauseated with her peer's excruciatingly boring question, that her eye-rolling and disgusted looks have gone viral.

In the video, a hand-picked female reporter dressed in red, Zhang Huijun, poses a prescripted, carefully screened question for a government official, while another state media reporter, Liang Xiangyi, watches on. As the reporter in red first parrots standard praise about China's Belt and Road initiative before dutifully spouting out her carefully rehearsed, but inane question, Liang becomes increasingly impatient with the seemingly endless question, before finally making an exasperated expression and rolling her eyes.

The nature of the question was directed toward Xiao Yaqing, the newly-installed director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, with a banal question about establishing a better monitoring system over the assets of state-run companies operating overseas and how to prevent their loss.

Screen capture of Liang rolling her eyes (left).

The video quickly went viral on China's social media networks Weixin and Weibo and also soon spread to platforms outside the Great Firewall of China such as YouTube and Twitter. Liang has rapidly become somewhat of a hero for what they perceive as her open expression of disdain for the usual platitudes that always accompany such long, drawn out government events.

However, the Chinese government was less than amused and has suspended Liang from her duties until further notice, and the communist state's censors are working overtimes to scrub all references to the incident, her name and key words used to praise her from China's main search engine Baidu.

Chinese netizens had much to say about the spunky reporter:

"She rolled her eyes because she despised her prepared question."

"She acted out what everyone everyone else was thinking about that reporter."

"That woman in red is too pretentious."

Some astute netizens also noticed the man caught in the middle:

"The brother in the middle actually really wants to laugh."

"The man wearing the glasses, where is your hand?"

Original video of the question below:

Chinese netizens have already made multiple mock versions of the bizarre incident: