Beijing orders limit of 10 foreigners in university district eateries

China restricts gatherings of foreigners to only 10 per restaurant in capital city as Xi tightens his vice grip on power

Student hangouts in Wudaokou, Beijing.

Student hangouts in Wudaokou, Beijing. (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- To prevent the slightest chance of dissent or disorder during the coronation of Chinese President Xi Jinping as a lifetime leader of the Communist state, Beijing has ordered that no more than 10 foreigners are to be allowed to gather in any restaurants or bars in the city's university district of Wudaokou, reports the South China Morning Post.

With its relatively large number of international students attending nearby universities, the neighborhood of Wudaokao in Beijing's northwestern Haidian District has been targeted by China's authorities in a crackdown to prevent any chance of dissent, while the National People's Congress (NPC) rubber stamps Xi's extension of power. Three restaurants and bars told the paper that they had been informed by authorities that they must limit their foreign customers to no more than 10 at a time, with one posting a sign saying:

"Until March 22, every Friday night and Saturday, as requested by local authorities, we can only allow a maximum of 10 foreigners in our store at a time."

The restaurants interviewed stated that the police officers are closely monitoring them and have surveillance cameras pointed at the entrances which feed directly into police stations. At least one pizza shop stated that foreigners were not to be allowed in after 8 p.m.

A police officer at the precinct's police station denied to the paper such limits on foreigners were in place and said that they were just asking that eateries "control the total number of customers during peak hours." He did confirm that security had been beefed up during the NPC, which runs until March 22.