US state of Wyoming looks to establish trade office in Taiwan

TECO officer Vincent Yao's diplomatic visit to improve bi-lateral trade relations with Wyoming yielded quick results

Wyoming State Capitol; Cheyenne, WY, USA

Wyoming State Capitol; Cheyenne, WY, USA (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In the latest news of improving relations between Taiwan and the United States, the government of the state of Wyoming has passed a bill in the state legislature that will provide for an official Wyoming trade representative to be established in Taiwan.

After the visit of Taiwanese diplomat Vincent Yao to the state last week, the mayor of Wyoming’s capital city, is also looking for opportunities to expand sister city relations between Cheyenne, Wyoming and Taichung, Taiwan, local media reported.

Vincent Yao is director general of the Taipei Office of Cultural and Economic Affairs in Seattle, Washington, and has been working hard to promote trade between Taiwan and different regions of the United States. After his successful visit last week, Wyoming looks to be a very promising trade partner moving forward.

Wyoming Business Report says that according to U.S. Census Bureau data, Taiwan was the 13th largest purchaser of Wyoming’s products in 2017, and the 9th largest supplier of products reaching the Wyoming market.

In an interview with local media, Yao expressed his confidence that those numbers will increase in time. Improved relations between Taiwan and Wyoming will also make it possible for increased educational and cultural exchanges.

Local media quoted Yao as saying that Taiwan is interested in Wyoming’s clean coal technology, as Taiwan aims to make the switch to renewable energy over the coming decades.

Wyoming beef is also a major export and importers in Taiwan are also eager to see the market expand in the coming years.

Other states like Idaho and Washington have also established trade offices for their states in Taiwan, and with the successful passage of the funding bill by the state legislature, Wyoming looks to be the next state to benefit from closer relations with Taiwan.

The bill now only requires the signature of Wyoming governor Matt Mead, and a spokesman for the Governor’s office, quoted by the Wyoming Business Report, indicated that the governor was very likely to support the authorization of the trade office.