As China aims to undermine Taiwanese society, former Pres. Lee says now is time for 'Taiwanese Identity'

At 96 years of age, the former president's life goal is still to 'bring happiness to the people of Taiwan'

(AP image modified)

(AP image modified)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – While speaking about the most recent financial incentives that Beijing has begun offering to attract Taiwanese citizens and business to China, former President Lee Teng-hui issued a strong warning to the people and the government of Taiwan.

Lee spoke on Saturday, March 10 at a meeting of the Taiwan United Nations Alliance, and said that the attempts of China to siphon talent and suffocate economic development on the island represent a very serious threat to Taiwan’s democratic system.

The situation is very worrying. If Taiwan’s economy is unable to cope with, and overcome these challenges, then Taiwan will lose its attractiveness and capability to remain competitive, the former president said as reported by Liberty Times.

Lee emphasized that China is on a global campaign to block Taiwanese investment abroad, and to divert investment away from Taiwan. The end goal is to completely encircle Taiwan economically, and coerce other countries to consider Taiwan’s freedom and struggle for democracy and autonomy as an internal matter of the Chinese state.

He also warned that China was actively sowing seeds of discord in Taiwan, recruiting thugs and cultivating groups of communist agents, purely with the aim of eroding and undermining social order.

President Lee advised that Taiwanese people must work to dispel the delusion that China has attempted to cast. It is time to accept a “Taiwanese identity” as one which gives priority to self-determination and democratic government, he said.

Lee insisted that the specific date that one’s ancestors came to Taiwan no longer matters in the new era. What matters is that people care about the freedom and prosperity of the country they live in, and that such thinking is what truly makes a person Taiwanese.

At 96 years of age, the former president stalwartly insists that his life goal of “bringing happiness to the people of Taiwan” remains his priority. He emphasized that while he is still around, he will never stop working towards his goal.