Photo of the Day: Hapless Hello Kitty soccer squad

Photo surfaces of male soccer players looking less than enthusiastic about Hello Kitty uniforms their sponsor issued them


(Photo from Facebook page @thaifutbol)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Thai Facebook page on Friday (March 9) uploaded a hilarious photo of middle-aged male soccer players looking less than pleased at the bright pink Hello Kitty uniforms their corporate sponsor has issued them.

The manager of a Facebook page called Thai Futbol on Friday uploaded a photo of five soccer players lined up before a game wearing matching loud pink Hello Kitty uniform, likely the work of their corporate sponsor "Aroma House," which is emblazoned on their jerseys in yellow. The uniforms seem all the more ridiculous as the men wearing them appear to be middle-aged and have an angry expression that strongly clashes with the happy-go-lucky spirit of the cuddly cartoon kitty.

The exact location of the hapless soccer squad is not yet known, however the goalie appears to have a Vietnamese flag on his uniform, thus netizens speculate that it is a team in Vietnam. 

(Photo from Facebook page @thaifutbol)