Police raid marijuana grow house in northern Taiwan

Cops bust young engineer for growing marijuana in Tanshui

Police find a makeshift grow house in Tanshui apartment complex.

Police find a makeshift grow house in Tanshui apartment complex. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Wednesday, March 7 New Taipei City police arrested a 32 year old engineer, surnamed Chen (陳), for growing marijuana in his home.

After receiving a tip that Chen was growing marijuana in his Tanshui apartment, the police monitored his activity for two months before making an arrest, according to CNA. The investigation was a joint effort between the Criminal Investigation Unit (CIB), the National Highway Police Bureau, and the Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office.

Chen’s prior criminal record also included assault, according to the CIB.

When the police ambushed Chen, they found a hydroponic grow house in his apartment on Binhai Rd. Section 3 in Tanshui (新北市淡水區濱海路3段).

The police found 18 plants at the scene as well as 3 bags of dried marijuana leaves, grossing 75 grams. LED lights, an air pump, a humidifier, a dehumidifier, 28 pots, 1 pH meter, grow stones, 1 bottle of potassium silicate, and other chemicals, were also found in Chen's home, according to CNA.

Chen confessed to his crime in court and admitted to getting the plant seeds from a friend. He then bought the other grow materials by himself and learned how to grow the plants from the internet.

Chen began renting the Tanshui apartment two years ago and police estimate he’s been growing for over one year.

The police want to remind those in Taiwan that possession of marijuana is a second degree drug offense and will result in a minimum five year prison sentence.