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Taiwanese residents in Sweden protest tax agency's designation of 'Taiwan, Province of China'

Order ISO 3166 announced on Feb. 28 went into effect on March 12

Swedish Tax Office Skatteverket (Image from Flickr user Magnus D)

Swedish Tax Office Skatteverket (Image from Flickr user Magnus D)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On March 12, the tax agency in Sweden officially implemented the order ISO 3166, which will erroneously reclassify Taiwan as a “Province of China.”

Two weeks after the official announcement was made on Feb. 28, the Swedish tax agency will now force Taiwanese citizens working in Sweden to classify themselves as coming from a province of China for all tax related documentation.

Taiwanese citizens in Sweden have been protesting to the Swedish government since the announcement was made with an organization called the “Swedish-Taiwanese Friendship Association” creating a petition online and lodging an official complaint with the government.

Various online groups have voiced their criticism and opposition to the measure.

Liberty Times quoted a Taiwanese resident in Sweden Huang Xiaoqian (黃小芊) as saying that she does not want to apply for tax returns and be forced to label herself as coming from China. She hopes that a democratic country like Sweden will change course and reverse their mistake.

Taiwanese living in Sweden and throughout the world want to be rightfully recognized as citizens of their home country, Taiwan.

An online petition is being circulated. Using the prepared letter, netizens can lodge a protest with the Swedish tax agency to demand that the offensive designation be rectified.