Museum in New Taipei exhibits traditional headdresses of Taiwan's indigenous people

The Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology is hosting the exhibit until Aug. 26

Poster for "Aboriginal Headdress" exhibit at the Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology

Poster for "Aboriginal Headdress" exhibit at the Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology (十三行博物館) in New Taipei City is currently hosting a temporary exhibition showcasing the traditional headdresses of the 16 indigenous ethnic groups of Taiwan.

The exhibition which began in February will run until August later this year, and will provide visitors with a unique look at a wide variety of caps, decorative headdresses and other forms of ornamentation found among Taiwan’s indigenous people.

The exhibition showcases some original pieces dating back to the early to mid 1900s, as well as modern recreations of many magnificent cultural treasures, reports TSSD News.

For those fascinated by indigenous patterns and craftwork, the exhibit is an excellent chance to get a close up look at traditional headwear. The different styles and forms of ornamentation of every tribe’s headdresses each reflect different aspects of the group’s traditional civilization and way of life.

According to NOW News, the exhibition is showcasing a total of 32 headdresses at the Shihsanhang Museum, as well as other ceremonial wear and instruments used for various cultural rituals and celebrations.

(Image from the The Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology)