Spanish vlogger explains why foreign men like 'ugly' Taiwanese women

Spanish vlogger Jesus gives theories why foreigners love 'ugly' Taiwanese women 


Screenshot of Jesus Sandoval YouTube video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Spanish vlogger Jesus Trapero Sandoval on Friday (March 9) posted a video on YouTube explaining his theory about why Westerners seem to be attracted to Taiwanese women who locals would consider to be "ugly." 

In the video, Sandoval, a native of Madrid, Spain, says that in Taiwan and throughout Asia, Western men seem to be attracted to Asian women who appear to be "ugly" by local standards.  In response to a comment by a Taiwanese friend that "all foreigners like ugly girls," Sandoval said that Taiwanese have a very rigid set of standards that a women must reach in order to be considered pretty, including: white skin, young age, high nose bridge, big eyes, slender frame, long hair, slim waist, big breasts, and firm buttocks.

(Screenshot from Sandoval's YouTube video)

Sandoval criticized what he perceived as a fixed standard being applied to women in Taiwan as being strange and inconsistent with the variety of other likes Taiwanese have in terms of food, sports, and music. Sandoval argues that many men like women who have dark skin, small noses, small eyes, small breasts, large buttocks, a heavier frame or are mature.

(Screenshot from Sandoval's YouTube video)

Sandoval explains that the beauty standard of a given foreigner is more based on their individual likes rather than a universal, set standard, therefore he asserts that Western men do not have a "problem" with their taste in women.

He encourages Taiwanese women who do not fit into the rigid set of standards in Taiwan to try the "foreigner market," and that they will definitely find someone in the world who "thinks you are the best."

Sandoval then argues that since Taiwanese men find the local women Westerners are dating to be so repulsive, they have no need to be jealous of cross-cultural couples as they are not competing for the same mates.