Japanese cyclist finishes first in stage 1 of the Tour de Taiwan

22-year-old cyclist snags four awards, including champion, in first leg of Tour de Taiwan


Hayato Okamoto celebrates his wins in the first round of the Tour de Taiwan. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Hayato Okamoto (岡本隼) placed first this afternoon in the first round of the Tour de Taiwan, a professional road bicycle race in Taiwan.

In total Okamoto snagged the championship, Asian rider, individual score, and sprint award. Today marks the first time a competitor has won so many awards in the first round since 2012, according to CNA.

(CNA image)

Over 200 cyclists are competing in the Tour de Taiwan and are divided into 19 teams.

The 22-year-old cyclist finished the round in 1 hour 48 minutes 55 seconds followed by Joonyong Seo from South Korea and Redmond Kreder from the Netherlands.

This is the first time Okamoto has competed in the Tour de Taiwan. He was thrilled to win and grateful to his teammates for helping him throughout the race, said CNA.

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Okamoto said he would of course like to maintain the first-place ranking in the second round of the race in Taoyuan although the course has many uphill sloping sections, which he admits are not his forte.

The second stop of the tour is in Taoyuan, the third Lion Head Mountain, the fourth Nantou County, and the fifth in Pingtung County. The race will conclude March 15.