Wife of Singapore PM mentions Taiwan plastic bag policy on Facebook

Global Citizen says Taiwan's 2030 ban most far-reaching in the world


Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong, posts link on her Facebook page about Taiwan plastic bag ban.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, shared a link to an article about Taiwan’s policy on plastic bags on her Facebook page.

Ho doesn’t give any comment herself, but her link features a February 22 report by Global Citizen which says Taiwan is banning all plastic bags, straws and utensils by 2030.

The report quotes the Environmental Protection Administration saying the blanket ban should reduce plastic waste polluting the ocean and getting into the food chain, ending up affecting human health.

In 2019, chain restaurants will no longer be allowed to hand plastic straws to customers, with all dining outlets become subject to the same ban the following year.

Fees will be introduced in 2020 and raised in 2025 to end in the complete ban on many plastic bags, straws and other utensils five years later, Global Citizen writes.

The campaign against unrecyclable plastic objects is being waged all across the world, but Taiwan’s plan is more far-reaching than any other, according to Global Citizen.

Many commentators on Ho’s page say Singapore should follow Taiwan’s example and take action against plastic bags and straws, while others worry that going back to paper bags will lead to the killing of more trees.