Taiwan nature documentary director donates over 700 reels of film

Liu Yen-ming shot Taiwan's first-ever nature documentary 34 years ago

Liu Yen-ming has filmed over 20 full length documentary films.

Liu Yen-ming has filmed over 20 full length documentary films. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The “father” of Taiwan ecological documentary films, Liu Yen-ming (劉燕明), donated over 700 reels of film to the Forestry Bureau on Friday.

The film reels span 36 years of footage from around Taiwan. Liu said that the donation does not indicate an approaching retirement and that he will continue to shoot documentaries, said CNA.

Liu announced his decision at a press conference attended by several notable personages, including the Forestry Bureau Director Lin Huan-ching (林華慶), CNA Chairman Liu Kai-shiang (劉克襄), renowned journalist Yang Sen-hong (楊憲宏), and the scholar Chin Heng-piao (金恆鑣).

(Image from Liu Yen-ming's Facebook)

Liu remarked that he is most grateful to the wild animals who lent themselves as film subjects though unfortunately they do not understand his thanks, reported CNA. The director expressed his continued wonderment and love for the natural world.

He went on to say that although Taiwan’s natural conservation efforts are decent, he feels the education system is lacking. Liu originally planned to travel to Africa to film because before he was 35 he did not even know there were wild animals in Taiwan, according to CNA.

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A Forestry Bureau official noted that in 1984 Liu filmed the first-ever nature documentary in Taiwan about the Tanshui water bird in Guandu (關渡).