Taiwanese Intl. Shipbuilding Corp. wins bid for military's amphibious assault and transport ship

The contract marks a step forward in Taiwan's domestic defense industry

(Image from Ministry of National Defense)

(Image from Ministry of National Defense)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The domestic shipbuilding industry has taken a stride forward with the announcement that a Taiwanese company has successfully received a contract from the government to build an amphibious assault and transport vessel for the nation’s armed forces.

The Taiwan International Shipbuilding Corporation (CSBC) pitched their proposal for the NT$ 4,635,760,000 (US$ 158 million) budget allocated for the ship, and successfully received the contract.

Before the successful bid was confirmed the Navy performed a thorough investigation lasting from March 1 to March 8.

The plan for the amphibious assault ship has been nicknamed the “Auspicious Plan” (鴻運計畫). However the proposal has been offered three times in the past, with no companies placing bids, as the previous budget of NT$ 3.7 billion was considered too low for the specifications of the hull, reports Liberty Times.

Then in January, the government returned with a revised budget and opened bidding once again, with CSBC stepping up to take the project.

The military hopes to acquire the first completed ship in 2021. The specifications call for a ship that will displace a volume of 10,000 tons of water. It will be equipped with 76 mm rapid fire artillery cannons, Phanlanx Close-in weapons system, and a Haijin 2 missile launching platform.

The primary objective of the vessel will be to carry various tactical transports for rapid deployment, including; AAV7 assault vehicles, and helicopters, as well as personnel.