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Ex-Mistresses out former Taiwan military officer as spy for China after disastrous love affairs

Scorned Chinese mistresses revealed info on the former Nat. Defense University employee to law enforcement in February

(Image from Facebook, modified)

(Image from Facebook, modified)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –- Earlier this week, media in Taiwan reported details of a recent case of Chinese espionage operations in Taiwan. A Taiwanese citizen and former employee of a national military academy was arrested and charged by the Kaohsiung Prosecutor’s office.

According to reports, a man surnamed Lan (藍) was arrested in Zhutian Township (竹田鄉) in Pingtung County just before the Lunar New Year holidays in February.

Lan has been identified as a 1982 graduate of the National Defense University (國防管理學院) military academy of Taiwan. He was also employed by the university until 1996, also serving as the head of the student association, according to reports.

His former classmates, colleagues and students all went on to serve in a variety of military and government posts throughout Taiwan.

After leaving his work at the university Lan took a management position at a textile factory in Dongguan, China. It is reported that despite being married in Taiwan, Lan was very sexually promiscuous, and through his activities in Dongguan became familiar with the city’s communist cadres, eventually being persuaded to accept money in exchange for serving the Communist party as part of their spy network in Taiwan.

He was working as an intelligence agent by reporting on his former classmates, colleagues, and students from the National Defense University.

Reports also say that he was instructed to become involved with the DPP in Pingtung, as the CCP has been increasing efforts to spy on DPP activities and dealings in recent years.

It was actually Lan's promiscuity and jealousness that led to his discovery as a foreign agent. He had apparently established romantic relationships with two mistresses in China, but later broke up with them after his wife discovered his cheating.

However, Lan kept chasing the two and even successfully sabotaged their new relationships with Taiwanese men out of jealousy, when he learned they are about to get married. The two then revealed their knowledge of Lan's dealings with the Communist Party to Taiwan's intelligence units after learning Lan was behind their sabotaged relationships.

Reports say that Lan has been arrested in violation of the “National Security Act” and had broken several other criminal laws as well.