Japan to dispatch permanent military advisers to Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia

The officers will coordinate intelligence on Chinese military activity in the South China Sea

File Photo: SDF military presentation and inspection.July, 29 2014.

File Photo: SDF military presentation and inspection.July, 29 2014. (By Associated Press)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In order to balance and monitor China’s increasing activity in the South China Sea, the government of Japan has decided to increase the number of resident military advisers in partner nations of the region.

On March 7, it was reported by Liberty Times that Japan will be dispatching permanent military advisers to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia to cooperate with the local governments on intelligence operations regarding China’s activity in the region.

According to Japanese media, this is the first time the Japanese government has assigned official military attaches to the three Southeast Asian countries, and the original number of officers planned has also been increased from one officer to two officers, for each of the three countries.

In addition to coordinating intelligence between countries on behalf of Japan’s SDF, the aadvisers will also have responsibilities related to the security of the Japanese embassies in the three host countries.

According to the report from Liberty Times, Japan is also preparing to provide the Philippine military with three new TC-90 utility aircraft, which will help the Philippines better monitor Chinese activity around its territory.