Taiwan Tourism Bureau offering NT$500 incentive for travelers to Hualien

Taiwan Tourism Bureau offering NT$500 for travelers planning to stay in Hualien for at least three days and two nights

Rice fields in Hualien. (Photo by flickr user William Cho)

Rice fields in Hualien. (Photo by flickr user William Cho)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In order to help restore tourism and boost the local economy after the deadly the Hualien Earthquake struck on Feb. 6, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is offering a lodging subsidy worth NT$500 (US$17) to travelers staying Hualien, effective today, reported CNA.

Titled "3355," a NT$500 subsidy is available to groups of at least 3 and no more than 19 travelers who are staying at accommodations in Hualien for at least three days and two nights, and will be valid from now until the end of June.

The Tourism Bureau said that the major scenic spots in Hualien were not affected by the Feb. 6 earthquake and "3355" is a way to use the lodging subsidy to encourage travelers to visit the area and stay in the hotels there.

However, this does not apply to tour groups arranged by companies, organization groups and travel agencies.

Those interested in applying for the lodging subsidy can sign up in the section titled "3355 Travel Lodging Promotion" (3355旅宿活動) on the Tourism Bureau website. Qualified applicants will then receive the subsidy when they arrive at the accommodations of their choosing.

If visitors stay in different hotels or guesthouses during their stay in Hualien, the proprietors of the previous night's accommodation will need to assist in filling out the application form and include a receipt or invoice as proof that the travelers have stayed there. In the next location, the lodging subsidy will still be NT$500 per person.

Tourism Bureau Director Lee Meng-ti (李孟迪) said NT$5 million has been allocated for the promotion and if this amount is spent before the end of June, the promotion will be discontinued in advance. The Tourism Bureau will continue to announce updates on the status of the program in the promotion section of the website.

Updated : 2020-11-30 14:10 GMT+08:00