Bitan fountain show to debut in New Taipei on March 9

A world-class water show has been organized to take place in Bitan through April

(Photo from New Taipei City Government)

(Photo from New Taipei City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Starting March 9, a series of dancing water shows will take place in Bitan for 53 days until April 30.

The New Taipei Tourism Department will be introducing a world-class water show using the newest water fountain technology, using high-pressure water jets that can reach up to 30 meters high, along with the newest advances in technical lighting and water nozzles for precision.

Each night from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., two different music pieces will be presented as part of every performance.

The first tracks to be played on March 9 will including“Time to Say Goodbye”by Sarah Brightman and music from the soundtrack of Disney's“Pirates of the Caribbean." There will also be songs by Michael Jackson, Taiwanese singer A-mei and others, according to the New Taipei Tourism Department.

Besides the water show, the Bitan area is also worth exploring.

Visitors can take a stroll on the famous Bitan Suspension bridge, and hop into a paddle boat by the river for a relaxing ride surrounded by the Hemei Mountain area. There are also many restaurants and Taiwanese vendors located around the banks.