2018 Taipei Azalea Festival to begin on March 14

Azalea season begins following cherry blossom season

Azaleas blooming at NTU

Azaleas blooming at NTU (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A pink Azalea Fairy can already be seen on Zhonghua road during the 2018 Taipei Lantern festival. The lantern was specially put up by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to promote the upcoming Taipei Azalea Festival, which will run from March 14 through April 15.

According to the Tourist Department, 160,000 Azaleas will be planted this year, with up to 8 kinds of Azalea flowers. The flowers are predicted to bloom around late March, later than usual, due to cooler weather this winter.

The festival will be held in several places including Da'an Forest Park, Zhongshan Hall, Yang Ming mountain and National Taiwan University (NTU) campus area. Events will include a large-scale picnic, music, as well as student exhibitions held by NTU .

Azaleas can already be seen on Yang Ming mountain. Following the cherry blossom festival, the Azalea Festival will be the next go-to flower event for spring.Azalea Fairy at the Lantern Festival (Courtesy to Taipei Tourism Bureau)
(Photo from Taipei City Government)