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Only 2 of 13 deputies for Taiwan in China's Nat. People's Congress are from Taiwan

The full list of 2,980 deputies was published Saturday, Feb. 24

Third session of the 12th NPC, March 2015.

Third session of the 12th NPC, March 2015. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Over the past weekend, China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee approved the results of elections to confirm 2, 980 deputies that will comprise the 13th National People’s Congress, set to convene in early March.

Among the 2,980 deputies confirmed, there are 13 representatives assigned to Taiwan, however most were not born Taiwan, and have never held Taiwanese citizenship.

Only two of the 13 deputies are reported to have been born in Taiwan, as far as Taiwan News has been able to confirm; Lin Qing (林青) and Chen Yunying (陳雲英).

Xinhua notes that this session of the NPC includes a 1.5 percent increase in women compared to the previous congress, with 742 women accounting for 24.9 percent of the deputies.

According to Xinhua, there are fewer deputies than the previous NPC, and Xinhua also reports that there are more workers and farmers than before, reflecting an increase of 2.28 percent, and 15.7 percent of total deputies.

Over 1,000 of the deputies are reportedly communist party and government cadres. And about a quarter of the deputies are returning to the office from the 12th NPC session. The number for the Taiwanese delegation remains the same as the previous congress, at 13.

The so-claimed "Taiwanese" deputies of the 13th NPC include:

-Xu Pei (許沛) born in 1962, daughter of a former Chongqing Taiwan Affairs Office director.

-Zou Zhenqiu (鄒振球) born in 1965, graduate of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China.

-Zhang Xiaodong (張曉東), born in 1965, graduate from Wuhan University in Biochemistry.

-Zhang Xiong (張雄), born 1965, graduate from Tongji University in material science..

-Chen Yunying (陳雲英) native of Taipei, born in 1953, PhD from George Washington University in Education, Chief Editor of the “Chinese Journal of Special Education.”

-Chen Jun (陳軍) born in 1959, member of the Amis tribe, and graduate from Beijing University in physical education.

-Lin Qing (林青), native of Taipei, birth year unlisted, international business specialist, government official with former posts in Shandong and Qingdao.

-Huang Zhixian (黃志賢) born in China to a mother from Tainan in 1956, graduate of the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions University for Workers and Staff, student of finance.

-Fu Zhiguan (符之冠) born in 1965, graduate of Hainan Normal University, Department of Biology.

-Liang Zhiqiang (梁志強) born in China in 1962 to parents from Miaoli, Judicial Affairs Director of High Court in Fujian.

-Ceng Liqun (曾力群), birth details unlisted, director of Guizhou Taiwan Affairs Office.

-Cai Peihui (蔡培輝) born in 1963, a businessman working in Hong Kong who became a party member and government official of Gansu province.

-Liao Haiying (廖海鷹) born in 1960, graduate of Hebei Medical University, Department of Surgery.

According to the nationality law of Taiwan, those born in Taiwan who choose to become citizens of China are unable to hold a household registry in Taiwan. However, a majority of the deputies were not even born in Taiwan and have never held citizenship in Taiwan.

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