Da Yeh University in central Taiwan promotes scholarships for dual-degree programs

The private university is offering specialized vocational training alongside traditional academic programs

Da Yeh University campus (Image from Da Yeh Univ. web site)

Da Yeh University campus (Image from Da Yeh Univ. web site)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Over the weekend through Feb. 24-25, Dayeh University hosted promotional exhibitions for their vocational and technical school programs in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

Da Yeh University is encouraging young people to pursue “Double Schooling” or dual-degree programs at their campus in Changhua; to cultivate a trade skill and technical expertise, while also pursuing a robust academic education.

The school is also offering sizable scholarships, some as high as NT$4,580,000 (US$156,000) for new students that are accepted, including for foreign students interested in masters or doctorate degree programs.

Da Yeh University is the first institute of higher education in Taiwan to implement an apprenticeship program based on models in Germany, and it has also received awards from the Ministry of Education for 10 consecutive years for its excellence in teaching.

Because of its exceptional record, the university receives much higher funding than other private universities specializing in trade programs.

The president of Da Yeh Unviersity, Cho-Chung Liang (梁卓中) states that Da Yeh’s educational philosophy is based on four main pillars of; “Scholastic inheritance, international outlook, cooperation between industry and academia, and hard work to achieve quality results.”

According to NOW news, Da Yeh is Taiwan’s largest private university, and also maintains working relationships with Purdue University’s Northwest campus, Italy’s Instituto Marangoni School of Fashion and Fesign, Switzerland’s Glion School of Hospitality Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and over 160 other locations where study abroad opportunities are available for specialized training in a student’s industry of choice.

For students enrolling in a four year program they may be eligible for scholarships of NT$1,500,000 (US$ 51,000) to help pay for their education over the course of their program. Upon graduation from Da Yeh, those who opt to pursue further study in an MA program, or pursue an associate degree at a sister school may be eligible for another scholarship of a similar amount to continue education in their field of specialization.

Da Yeh University aims to be an important educational hub in Taiwan to help foster global competitiveness among Taiwan’s young people. In the current age of global industry and rapidly advancing technology, it is increasingly necessary to supplement traditional academic education with specialized knowledge for specific industry applications.

As traditional universities begin to adjust their educational programs, Da Yeh, which is already promoting vocational training alongside their academic courses, is already ahead of the pack.

Taiwanese as well as foreign students seeking practical job training and a classic university education with an edge, should consider the many varied opportunities that Da Yeh University has to offer.

For more information on their programs and enrollment check out their official website.