Taipei's 2018 Yangmingshan Flower Festival starts off with cherry blossoms

Taipei's 2018 Yangmingshan Flower Festival kicks off with double cherry blossoms in full bloom


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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The 2018 Yangmingshan Flower Festival kicked off yesterday (Feb. 22) and the , Yae-Zakura cherry (八重櫻, double cherry) trees around the Flower Clock Plaza are in full bloom, while Showa cherry (昭和櫻) and Yoshino cherry (吉野櫻) are set to bloom soon, reported CNA.

The start of the annual Yangmingshan Flower festival yesterday was kicked off with lively dragon and lion dances with Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) and Department of Information and Tourism Commissioner Chen Su-yu (陳思宇) in attendance.

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During his speech on opening day, Ko said that Yangmingshan is Taipei's backyard garden and he hopes that this year's festival can top the 1.3 million tourists who visited the park's flower festivals last year.

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Head of the Floriculture Experiment Center, Song Fu-hua (宋馥華), said that the double cherry are in full bloom, while the Showa cherries are expected to peak next week and the Yoshino cherry trees will bloom in early March. Song reminded the public that after mid March, the Calla Lilies (海芋) and Rhododendrons (杜鵑花) are expected to start blooming, thus giving them plenty of opportunities to view spring flowers on the mountain over the coming months.

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To avoid possible hassles and traffic jams, the public is encouraged to take public transportation to the event venue on Yangmingshan. Taipei's Public Works Department suggested six MRT stations where the public can take buses to reach Yangmingshan including:

Taipei station: 260.
Shilin and Jiantan stations: 260, 303, Red 5, Small 15, Leisure Bus 111, and Flower Festival Bus 127.
Beitou station: Small 9, Small 25, and Leisure Bus 129.
Shipai station: Small 8 and Leisure Bus 128.
Jiannan Road station: 681.

Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園), 1-20 Zhuzihu Rd, Taipei City (台北市竹子湖路20-1號)