Photo of two Vietnamese migrant workers sharing seat touches hearts in Taiwan

Two men shared a seat on a crowded train to make room for two toddlers

(Photo credit: Ruian Wu)

(Photo credit: Ruian Wu)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A photo of two young men sharing one seat on an overcrowded train to yield the other seat to two toddlers went viral and touched hearts of Taiwanese netizens.

The mother of the two toddlers took a photo of the scene without their knowledge and thanked them for their kindness on social media.

A Taiwanese netizen, identified as Ruian Wu, shared her experience with a local media ETtoday, saying that on the last day of the six-day Lunar New Year holiday, the family was boarding an express train in Taoyuan bound to Qidu District of Keelung City, which was overcrowded with people headed home. The mother managed to secure two seats for her children once they got on the train, but soon two young men came, and found the two toddlers were sitting on their pre-reserved seats.

The two men immediately told the mother in simple Chinese that they would gladly share one seat with the family.

Then the mother saw one of them, who she said appeared to be a Vietnamese migrant worker with bleached blonde hair, take a seat, while the other sat on his lap. The men, without hesitation, made a space for the two toddlers, who shared the seat next to the young men.

The mother thanked them immediately for their generosity to make their journey easier and relayed the heartwarming act to local media after returning home.

Several netizens commented below the news article and shared their experiences receiving help from migrant workers or immigrants in Taiwan. Some gave a thumbs up to the two young men, saying they are role models for many locals.

Updated : 2021-01-27 02:02 GMT+08:00