NCTU rated No. 1 out of 30 most popular colleges in Taiwan

National Chiao Tung University No. 1 on list of top 30 most popular colleges in Taiwan by Daily View

Entrance to NCTU. (Image from NTCU website)

Entrance to NCTU. (Image from NTCU website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) has topped the list of 30 colleges with the most positive impression by the public, according to data released by Daily View.

In its list titled "2017 List of Universities with the Most Positive Impression," Taiwanese statistics website Daily View ranked NCTU in the top spot, followed by National Tsing Hua University, National Cheng Kung University, Fu Jen Catholic University and National Chengchi University, based on an analysis of big data.

In order to help parents and students navigate the over 141 colleges and universities in Taiwan, Daily View teamed up with Cheers Magazine to take the list from the Ministry of Education, integrate the enrollment rates into its Keypo big data search engine, and combine this with discussions on the web. The discussions were then separated into positive, negative and neutral, which were then tabulated and compared with last year's discussions ranking universities to generate this years "Top 30 Best Impression List."

Top 10 most popular universities as rated by Daily View:

Ranking School Score Registration Perception Public/Private School type
1 National Chiao Tung University 97.93 95.87 99.99 Public 4-year college
2 National Tsing Hua University 97.86 95.72 100.00 Public 4-year college
3 National Cheng Kung University 97.13 95.35 98.91 Public 4-year college
4 Fu Jen Catholic University 96.67 93.91 99.43 Private 4-year college
5 National Chengchi University 95.18 96.91 99.45 Public 4-year college
6 National Chung Hsing University 93/84 96.14 91.55 Public 4-year college
7 National Taiwan Normal University 89.75 98.18 81.32 Public 4-year college
8 National Central University 87.44 97.00 77.89 Public 4-year college
9 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 86.29 99.23 73.36 Public Vocational
10 Chung Yuan Christian University 84.88 97.74 72.02 Private 4-year college

In third place was Cheng Kung University at 97.13. It is worth noting that out of the top 10 universities on the list, only two were private schools. Fourth place Fu Jen Catholic University and 10th place Chung Yuan Christian University, which had scores of 96.67 and 84.88, respectively. If the degree of good perception of a university on the internet is compared on an individual basis and the actual registration rate at universities, NCTU recieved the highest score at 97.93 points, with a registration rate of 95.87 and favorable impression rate of 99.99. Tsing Hua University came in close second with 97.86, with a registration rate of 95.72 and a favorable impression rate of 100.

If separated by public and private universities, NCTU ranked first among public schools, while Fu Jen ranked highest among private schools. As for public vocational schools, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) took the top slot at 86.29, while the highest rated private vocational school was Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages at 84.09.

Although NTUST actually did not have a dazzling overall score in ninth place in the top 10, its registration rate was not only the highest among vocational schools, it also had the most positive perception by students on the internet.

In terms of finding employment after graduation, a degree from NTUST is considered by many netizens as a guarantee of getting a job. In fact, in Times Higher Education's "The Global University Employability Ranking 2017," NTUST was ranked at 65 in the world, well ahead of what traditional top school National Taiwan University, which came in at 122.

Updated : 2021-01-19 22:27 GMT+08:00