Get discounted coffee for first day of work after New Year holiday

Chain stores such as Starbucks, Cama Café, and 7-Eleven will offer coffee discounts on Wednesday

(Photo courtesy of Engin_Akyurt/Pixabay)

(Photo courtesy of Engin_Akyurt/Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Happy times always end in a blink of an eye. After six easy days of the Lunar New Year holiday, people will return to work on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

In case of fatigue, distraction, anxiety, or simply a loathing for work after the week-long holiday, many businesses are launching discounts on coffee and drinks to help people get a dose of caffeine and stay awake.

Here is a list of the discounts offered by popular coffee shops, convenient stores, and fast-food restaurants in Taiwan.

Cama Café
Coffee brand Cama Café provides a discount on all its drinks. Customers buying two cups of drinks with the same flavor and size can enjoy a discount of 30 percent on the second one. The discount starts Wednesday and lasts until February 23.

(Screen capture from Cama Café's Facebook page)

Starbucks is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on its coffee for the first work day after the holiday. From the opening time to 8 p.m., each person can purchase up to two cups of coffee at a time, and get other two cups for free. However, stores located in airports and Taiwan High Speed Rail stations do not offer the discount.

In addition, the discount is not available for pre-orders or orders requiring delivery.

85C Bakery Cafe
85C Bakery Cafe, similarly, offers a buy-one-get-one-free deal on large-sized coffee, with the free one the same size and flavor as the purchased one. However, the discount starts at 1 p.m. on Wednesday and lasts through 8 p.m. It is probably only suitable for people in need of a refreshing drink after lunch.

(Photo courtesy of 85C Bakery Cafe's Facebook page)

The ubiquitous convenience store 7-ELEVEN offers a discount on drinks from its CITYCAFE starting February 21 through March 6, according to United Daily News. Customers buy two cups of coffee at a time in the same size and flavor can get the second one for half price.

However, the discount is not available for espresso and bubble tea.

Family Mart
7-ELEVEN’s major rival Family Mart, on the other hand, continues its discount campaign introduced at the end of January. Customers can enjoy 30 percent off for every second drink from Let’s Café as long as its size and flavor is the same as the first one.

MOS Burger
The Japanese fast-food chain restaurant offers a discount that is pretty Asian-styled. On February 21, it offers half price for the second Tieguanyin Tea Latte if the customer buys two cups at a time.

(Screen capture of MOS Burger's website)

KFC offers 50 percent off for the second cup of coffee purchased by the customer on the condition that the first one is over NT$45 and the second one is identical with the first one in size and flavor.

(Photo courtesy of KFC's Facebook page)