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5 taboos for daughters on 2nd day of Lunar New Year

Daughters must not return home until the second day of the Lunar New Year and when they do there are 5 taboos to observe

(Image from flickr user 禁书 网)

(Image from flickr user 禁书 网)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- There are many superstitions associated with Lunar New Year and a Taiwanese numerology expert has listed five traditional taboos adult daughters must observe today (初二), the second day of the Lunar New Year festival.

According to tradition in Taiwan, adult, married daughters must not return home to their parents' home until the second day of the Lunar New Year, and on this day Taiwanese numerology expert Meng Chuan (孟娟) in an interview with Apple Daily listed several taboos that daughters traditionally must observe on this day.

1. No odd amounts in Hong Bao

According to Meng, on the second day of the Lunar New Year the daughter should bring her husband and children with her to worship her ancestors and must come bearing gifts and hongbao (red envelope, 紅包) for her parents and any nieces and nephews. Her husband is also expected to bring gifts and honbao, but it is important that the money included in the red envelopes by either husband or wife are not in odd amounts, but rather even-numbered because odd numbers are inauspicious.

2. No washing

Although the daughter may have the urge to help with household chores, this is taboo on the second day of the Lunar New Year because it is the water god's birthday. "On this day you must avoid washing clothing because it would offend the water god," said Meng.

3. No sweeping

According to Meng, it is even more important that the daughter not do any sweeping at her parents' house as it will easily sweep away wealth from the family.

4. No napping

The daughter must not take a nap when visiting her parents' home on this day, otherwise she will be lazy the entire year. Another reason why it is poor form to nap on this day is because there will often be many other visitors and if the daughter is sleeping while they visit, it is considered rude.

5. Do not stay after dark

On the day of her visit home, she must follow the principle of "visit early leave early," with her leaving by nightfall, because if she stays too late, it will bring bad luck to her parents. However, she must stay at least stay long enough to eat lunch together with her parents.

In addition to being forbidden from visiting her parents' home on Lunar New Year's Eve and the first day of the new year, it is also taboo for her to visit on the fourth and fifth days of the new year, otherwise, it will divide up the good fortune of her parents' family.

If the daughter misses out on the chance to visit her parents on the second day of the new year, then she can visit them again on the second day of the second month on the lunisolar calendar.