Taipei City unveils official lantern: 'Happy Magical Dogs' for 2018 Taipei Lantern Festival

The main lantern features three Taiwanese dogs holding hands in a circle

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The main lantern for the 2018 Taipei Lantern Festival was unveiled by Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je on Feb. 12. It features three Taiwanese dogs holding hands in a circle, and is about ten meters tall including its pedestal.

Each of the dogs is painted with unique patterns and colors carrying different meanings.

The golden dog represents the motto“Go Forward” and stands for the "fearless spirit of Taiwan and its maritime people."

The silver dog represents the motto“Go Together” which reflects the "the island’s inclusive culture that embraces people from different backgrounds."

While the red dog bears the phrase“Go Future,” and includes symbols of Taiwan's indigenous culture.

According to the Taipei City Government's bulletin board, this year, there will be nine lantern exhibition zones including Ximen Performance Area, Beimen Performance Area, City Art Museum Area, a Freestyle Creativity Area, a Sea of Lights area, a Blessings Lantern Area, a Nishi Hongaji Relics Creativity Area, a Friendly Exchange Area, and a Student Creativity Area.

Ko noted that with the implementation of West District Gateway Project, this year’s lantern festival also features a wide array of attractions, from the North Gate Plaza, to the Taipei Railway Department, and the Taipei Post Office, all the way to the Mitsui Warehouse, forming an area across the city that includes many historical sites dating back to Qing Dynasty and the Japanese colonial period.

Taipei City hopes everyone will have an opportunity to check out some of the attractions and exhibits of this year's lantern festival.