Taiwanese artist showcases printmaking techniques in exhibit at SYS Memorial Hall

Zhong Youhui also collaborated with designer Lin Guoji to create several extraordinary gowns 


Models wearing gowns with prints by Zhong Youhui, designed by Lin Guoji, at the Zhong's Manyoshu exhibition, Feb. 9. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese artist and designer Zhong Youhui (鐘有輝), who studied Japanese printmaking techniques extensively in Japan, is holding an exhibition of his works at the National Gallery at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei.

For the special opening ceremony of exhibit, Zhong teamed up with a fashion designer Lin Guoji (林國基) to turn some of his artistic prints into an array of stunning designer gowns, that were modeled at the event on Feb. 9.

Supermodel Chen Sixuan (陳思璇) joined the event to model one of the collaborative gowns.

The official title of the exhibition is “Manyoshu” (萬葉集) which is the name of the earliest anthology of poetry in Japanese, dating from the Nara period.

According to UDN, Zhong chose the book Manyoshu for his exhibition’s title, because he says his artwork is influenced by the natural seasons, and the accompanying changes in people’s lives and their environment, which is reminiscent of the classic anthology of Japanese poetry.

He noted that during his time studying in Tsukuba, Japan in the 1980s he would often watch the seasons changing from his dormitory window, observing life’s growth and decline with the passing seasons.

The exhibition includes a number of paintings, glass sculptures, ceramics and other works, all produced by Zhong, and they will be on display until March 25.

The curator of the gallery at Lin Guozhang (林國章) remarked that Zhong Youhui is an important figure in the history of Taiwan’s artistic printmaking and design industry. In many ways, the development of Zhong’s work reflects a wider trend in Taiwanese art, exhibiting a very noticeable Japanese influence, while still maintaining distinctly Taiwanese characteristics.

Zhong Yonghui and his artwork (CNA Image)